Next Purchase?

Wow! What an epic E3 showcase for Xbox.

Our team of machines, sorry writers have been tirelessly working over the E3 period to bring you as much news as possible and cover as many announcements, titles, games and studio information as they could manage without starting a world wide coffee shortage.

A round of applause for those unsung heroes of the XboxOne UK team (don’t worry if you clap quietly they can still hear it and appreciate it, or add #XBOUKHi5)

The dust has settled, our Wows! Oohs! and Ahhhs! have subsided, we have breathed in, settled our minds, hearts and impulsive selves and have taken our hands off our wallets for a short time, to allow ourselves time to process all that we have seen, to let our inner kid settle down and not blow the months mortgage/rent on pre ordering the entire showcase of fantastic games at E3 that had our eyes wide open!


So now that you have slept, settled and thought about it, we want to know what your first pick from this years E3 is to purchase?

Are you continuing a saga? trying something new?  Staying loyal?

We want to know, share your passion about a new title with us and others that just don’t realise it yet.


As always you can get the latest here on Xboxoneuk

What are you most looking forward to?  We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please leave your comments below and let us know.

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