Speed Up Your Apocalypse With The State Of Decay 2 Independence Pack

Sometimes the zombie apocalypse can be a bit of a grind. If only there was some way to speed it up a little bit. Well now there is in the form of the State of Decay 2 Independence Pack.

This is the first DLC pack for State of Decay 2 and it contains a whole host of goodies including new vehicles, melee weapons, noise makers and some brand new forms of explosives. This been said, of course what most people are most excited about is the three new vehicles. The Pyrohawk is a car that lets you shoot fireworks, the Burninator is a truck with a flamethrower equipped and the Meatwagon lets you drop pieces of meat into the zombie horde.

The explosive weapons include the Pyro Launcher, Starshank Launcher, Reign o’ Fire, XL Firework Shell and the Bouncing Boris all of which should spice things up a little bit for you. There are also two new melee weapons in the form of the Freedom Ringer and BBQ Fork. It seems like there is a lot of fire on offer here.

If you would like to add the Independence Pack to your game all you need to do is download it from the Xbox Store for £4.19.

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Source: thexboxhub.com

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