MXGP Pro Review

Sometimes it’s good to get a little dirt on us, even if it is in video games. Motocross is a game where there is more than a little mud and MXGP Pro is sure to show you it in the finest of details.

The first thing that hits you when you load up MXGP Pro is the loading time for the initial menu to appear. This is a problem that doesn’t get any better with time. Any time you go to or from a race you will have this wait time inflicted upon you. At times it can take down the levels of excitement that you are feeling for a race.

Excitement is a very key word with this game. If you are not too familiar with the sport of motocross it is very fast paced and there are always a lot of competitors in the fray. At the start of the race chaos reigns supreme and you must fight your way to the front of the pack and try your hardest not to be knocked off course, or worse, off your bike by the other riders.

At the start of the game there is a tutorial and we cannot stress enough how important this is to do. MXGP Pro is a technical game and there are quite a few nuances that are incredibly important for you to master if you are to best your opponents. One of the main ones is how to position the rider’s weight in the right place on the bike, which is accomplished using the right stick. You also need to learn how to control your bike when it is in the air because this can make the difference between a good landing and a disastrous one.

You can go as deep as you like with MXGP Pro. There are numerous settings that you can change before a race meaning you can make each race more challenging than the last. The harder you make this game, the better the rewards that you get. But be warned, this is not an easy game to master. You can play with a semi-automatic or manual gear box meaning you can decide when to change gear if that’s your thing. You can also change the breaking system from front and rear to just rear breaking and all of this gives you a bonus. Once you get to the technical side of racing you can also adjust the settings of nearly every aspect of your bike meaning that you can really tweak things to how you like them.

There are several different game modes, a single race, time trials, even online multiplayer but the mode that interested us the most was the career mode. Here you start out on a small bike in the MX2 class and work your way through the championships all the way up to the MXGP class. Along the way you will have to pick up sponsors and then you will be set challenges to complete for the sponsors. The better you do at completing these challenges the better your reward will be. If you fail to complete these challenges or fail to perform then the sponsors may well drop you. As you work your way through the rankings you will acquire a fame level, this level allows you access to different sponsors and companies to work for.

In terms of gameplay we found that the controls were incredibly sensitive and took a little while to get the hang of. It’s incredibly easy to lose control of the bike and at first this can get a little frustrating but this is certainly a case of practice makes perfect. Before long you’ll be sailing around the circuits with the best of them.

All of the tracks are aesthetically very different with very different weather conditions. This mixes up the gameplay a lot and you will have to take in to account the weather conditions when setting up your bike. The problem is that while these tracks look very different, when you are playing them they often feel very similar, the way the backs handle might be a little different but you feel like you are going around the same turns no matter what the track.

MXGP Pro is not for the casual player. You will get out what you put in meaning that if you are willing to put in the hours you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it but if you want a game that you can just pick up and play then this may not be for you. The developer has put a lot of work into the technical side of this game and it means that there is a lot for you to get your head around and if you just want a quick race here and there you will find yourself getting very frustrated.

MXGP Pro is available to purchase from retailers or can be downloaded from the Xbox Store for £49.99.

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