Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn – Xbox One Review

Video games are meant to be one thing above anything else and that is fun. In recent years there has tended to be a trend for games to take themselves far to seriously in an attempt to prove that they are indeed art. Shaq Fu goes a long way to prove that art can be fun and doesn’t always have to have it’s serious face on.

Straight from the start, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn shows you the sense of humour that it has. The difficulty settings that you have to choose from all have there own sub-headings, these are, Easy- Dude, Have some self respect, Normal- Not quite hard, Hard- May induce labour. Throughout the game this sense of humour never lets up from the story to the boss fights it is ever present and is sure to induce many a grown from the player.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is an old school beat ’em up with some modern day polish. The enemies come at you thick and fast and as you move from left to right through the levels you must defeat them with punches and kicks the old school way. As you progress you unlock new moves and abilities but they all revolve around the kicking and punching mechanics.

The levels are littered with breakable objects that contain power-ups to help you on your way. Some of these will just be bubbles containing a little bit of health while others will be an energy drink that fills up your health bar entirely.

At certain parts of the game you will be gifted with a special suit or something of that ilk and the game ramps up accordingly and the enemies will be coming at you at an even greater intensity. This is a nice way that the game mixes up the mechanics that could get a little repetitive if you were left just kicking and punching enemies in your plain old Shaq skin.

There isn’t a great deal of variety to the combat system and it does turn into a lot of button mashing when things get heated but this sin’t a bad thing, the combat does exactly what it says on the tin. The special moves that you unlock as you play means that you can take out more enemies at once with a single press of a button but you need to time your attacks right because some of your moves have to be charged up with combos. The combo bar is a little strange as it doesn’t fill up when you are building up combos, instead it drains, but let’s be honest, it’s all the same at the end of the day.

In Shaq Fu A legend Reborn there aren’t a great number of enemy types. On each stage the enemies are pretty much the same as the ones on the last one with a slightly different skin. Occasional they may have a weapon that you might have to avoid or you may even be able to pick that weapon up if you are lucky. The look of the enemies doesn’t really make much of a difference here as this sin’t a game about variety, it is a game about kicking the bad guys in the face.

The visuals in the game are very cartoony and it fits the style of the game superbly. The colour schemes are bright and striking, it feels like you are playing in a cartoon and that is a lovely feeling. During the combat there are some stock animations that seem to happen at random, these are a little strange and break the combat up slightly, it would really make sense if the animations came at the end of the waves of enemies as it feels like this can sometimes get you in trouble as you aren’t ready to start bashing buttons again when the fighting starts up again.

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn is a game that puts the Fu in fun. It takes us back in time to the era of the great beat ‘um up classics and adds a modern day shine to it. If you want a game that is fun and has no sense of taking itself too seriously then this is definitely a game that you should check out.

You can download Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn from the Xbox Store for £15.99 right now.

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