Fox N Forests Review

Sometimes it’s good to go back in time and Fox n Forests is a game that will take you on that journey. It is a game with old school graphics and old school platforming that will transport you back to the early nineties when games were a whole different thing.

You play as Rick, a fox and you are tasked with saving the forest by collecting 4 pieces of magic bark for the old wise tree of the forest. These pieces of bark are located at the end of different worlds, or seasons, that you must play through. These worlds are inhabited by a whole host of monsters for you to either avoid or kill. But be warned, nothing is going to try to avoid you and everything is out to kill you.

Fox n Forests consists of some old school platforming that will challenge you to your limits at times. Some of the jumps are challenging and sometimes it can take a little bit of work to figure out how you are going to get to the next platform that you need to reach.

There is a mechanic in this game which makes it a little different form other games in the platforming genre. By hitting the triggers you can change the season. So for example it may go from summer to winter meaning that water will freeze and you will be able to pass over then ice. Using this ability does cost you mana though meaning that you have to use it sparingly, especially during the later parts of the game. You are also given a warning that tells you to remember to turn the season back which is a good thing to remember as it’s easy to forget when you’re under pressure.

At the end of each stage you can visit several different shops to upgrade your abilities or magic. At these shops you spend gold that you collect as you play through the game. The enemies you kill drop coins and you can also find them in treasure chests that are scattered throughout the stages.

At the end of each season you have a boss fight to complete. These bosses are stereotypical of games of the genre and beating them can be tricky until you figure out their attack patterns and the little trick that you have to find to kill them. We can’t help but feel that this has all been done before and it would have been nice if the developer had mixed things up a little bit.

This last point was an issue that we had throughout the game. It just felt like we had been here before on more than one occasion. There is nothing that makes this game stand out from the thousands of platform games that have already been released.

In each stage are hidden a variety of collectables and you are unable to get to some of these on your first run through of a stage. This means that you will have to repeat stages once you have unlocked the ability you need to reach the ones that you missed. This is a mechanic employed to give the game replayability but here it just becomes tedious. This is especially true when you consider the fact that you will be forced to repeat stages to be able to progress.

Fox n Forests is a game that is very self aware and this comes across in the humour. You can tell that the scripting is trying to be funny but it’s puns often fall flat. This is a shame as you can tell that the developer tried hard on the dialogue to give the game a good story and if we’re honest, we’ve seen a lot of worse stories than this one. This is probably the biggest redeeming feature of the game.

Each new stage has a difficulty jump and sometimes these can spike dramatically. You will try and you will fail but eventually you will overcome, the question is whether or not you have the patience to persevere.  There are check points throughout the stages and these come in the form of a badger named Retro who is apparently really into retro games. To activate each checkpoint you must pay a certain amount of gold and each checkpoint in a stage gets a little bit more expensive. This means that sometimes you may have to consider whether or not you are willing to part with that precious gold.

All in all this is just another platform game that feels like it is trying just a little bit to hard to make us reminisce about games of our past. Although the platforming is solid there isn’t really anything new here and it just plays like so many games that we have played before.

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