Moonlighter – Xbox One Review

Digital Sun has crafted a game that from start to finish is fun addictive and beautiful to look at and could very well be one of the best action RPGs of this year so far, this is certainly a game that should not be overlooked.

As the owner and proprietor of a small store that sells all manner of things in an almost deserted town, you are tasked to return your shop and town to what it once was, a busy popular town that heroes in search of treasure would visit. Once the day is over and Will our protagonist is done for the day, He dons his bandanna, backpack and heads for one of five dungeons located near the town,


Moonlighter is itself is split into two very different but compilatory styles. The first is shop management, Keeping your customers happy by making sure each item you are selling is the right price. Second is your typical dungeon crawling action adventure. These two fit so well together that both of them are fun to play, You will be heading to the dungeons to collect rare artefacts and treasure, then coming home to sell. This provides a good pace between each activity, So nothing ever feels repetitive.



Items you find in dungeons like all loot is useful in some way and are also never given a value. leaving you to set the price when It comes to selling them in your shop. As you invest more time diving deeper into each dungeon and finding more loot, you start to get a feel for what’s worthy of selling quite high or what needs to be thrown into your 75% off bin. We found it so fun to set up your shop in the morning figuring out what item to sell at what price. Eventually, the game opens up as you proceed, further enhancing the experience as a result. To the game’s credit you are doing the same thing over and over again, killing the monsters, finding the loot, selling the wares in your shop, rinse and repeat, but the amazing thing is that it never feels stale or repetitive. Digital Sun clearly put thought into maintaining engagement, Moonlighter is much more than your bog standard dungeon crawler.

Selling items in your shop is easy to understand due to the reactions your customers make, Finding out a certain item pays for a big amount gets you excited and ready for another run to the dungeon to find that item and see if you can sell it for even more. Always remember though setting your prices too high will see you nothing, whereas selling items on the cheap will have the opposite effect but sell to much of that particular item and the popularity will decrease and people will become bored of that item. Customers will express one of four emotions when browsing your wares, so it pays off to remember each emotion to enjoy a maximum income.

Not forgetting the actual RPG element of the game you can upgrade Will via the of two people you can purchase in town. A witch that can offer buffs to all your currently equipped weapons or armour, and a blacksmith that will craft new weapons and armour. This will then enable you to explore the dungeons to better effect going deeper and finding better loot and to kill each dungeon boss, This will unlock the next dungeon. Leftover gold is used to expanding the shop or bringing in new merchants to the village of Rynoka. The dungeon aspects of the game remain as equally as well rounded as the management.


Dungeons themselves are procedurally generated, giving the game a fresh edge on going into the same dungeon over and over again.  Within the dungeon Combat as expected, consists of a hack-and-slash formula, while having the ability to alternate between a primary and secondary weapon there is somewhat of a tactical feel to it, Do you run a sword and shield with a bow and arrow, or do you go heavy with a big sword. Enemies will gradually become more complex and difficult, but never feel cheap if they start to gang up on you and start to knock off lots of your health. With the controls remaining tight throughout we found no issue whatsoever.

The Game itself is a near perfect indie action RPG that should not be ignored. The sounds, art style and gameplay are the things that keep us coming back for more. Definitely a must buy for all Xbox One owners.


Moonlighter can be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £16.74

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