Battlezone Gold Edition – Xbox One Review

Rebellion’s recent incarnation of Battlezone first released as a VR-only title. From there, it gained a large dedicated fan base, then worked its way on to the Xbox One in the form of Battlezone Gold Edition. But how does this transpire from the classic?

The story isn’t exactly award winning but it’s simple and gets you into the action nice and fast. You are the last human-manned tank that is tasked to destroy all AI controlled enemies.

The game itself is split into two distinct ways of play. Your standard first-person affair of which you choose from one out of three tank variants light, medium and heavy, whilst progressing further unlocks many more. Secondly is a board game, where you are presented with a map made up of hexagons. You then move between each one and each hexagon you land on has something for you to do whether that be a supply station to upgrade your tank or a mission that will help you advance further. Sometimes you’ll be attacking or even defending outposts whilst other times you will be tasked to take down a massive shield generator. In each mission, you’ll also be taking down as many enemies as you possibly can. Killing enemies results in them dropping data packets which will be used to upgrade at the previously mentioned supply stations.

Certain points in the map you will be greeted with a mini text adventure. You are always presented with multiple options on how you will proceed, Either way, these exchanges are short and break up the gameplay nicely and always rewarding. The enemy forces power level steadily increasing as you play, even on the easiest difficulty level it is always giving you a challenge, not once did we think that the game was too easy or hard. Death was never an annoyance, even when your nemesis rears his ugly head fighting him and dying straight away. It just made us want to fight harder and beat him next time.

Being an arcade-style shooter, you start with three lives but can acquire more by spending data packets, with each additional life costing more than the last. This becoming more and more expensive for every life that you purchase. We found it more beneficial using data packets on tank upgrades. More guns and more health is never a bad thing.


While playing Battlezone by yourself can be fun and will have you playing for a good few hours, playing online or with friends can add a completely new level of fun. Get a good group of friends together and it becomes more tactical and strategic. You will be covering one side of enemy forces with a long-range cannon, whilst your teammate is killing the flying robots and another is defending a generator it makes for a fast-paced fun.

Battlezone is all the arcade fun you need. While it’s no doubt a fun and even more immersive game in VR, it’s not the only way that the gameplay shines. Battlezone is a game that’s easy to pick up but hard to put down and will keep you wanting to do more every time you finish a mission.


Battlezone can be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £29.99.

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