Raging Justice – Xbox One Review

The developer MakinGames clearly has a love for what they have made and tries to remains faithful to the games that it pays homage to, but does it do the classics any justice?

Raging Justice is a side-scrolling street brawler in the style of classic games such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight. There are three characters to choose from. The first being a tough-as-nails cop Rick Justice – his name screams the 90s. There is the badass ex-military Nikki Rage and swift fifteen year old Ashley King. Alone or with a local co-op partner, you are tasked with cleaning the streets from all the filth by either beating people to death or arresting them. There are nine stages to fight through with a tough boss fight at the end of each. There is also a separate brawl mode which is essentially ‘horde mode’ that pits you against continuous enemy waves with only one life.

Straight away you find out friendly fire is an obstacle that you have to deal with, just like the old school beat um ups. A stray punch or kick can send your co-op buddy flying across the screen. Special moves take a piece of your own health bar so you need to use them wisely but food items such as burgers and chicken legs will replenish your health, so you’ll always need to keep a keen eye out for them as they don’t stick around for too long. The one major difference with raging justice compared to others is that since you play as “law enforcement”, stunned enemies can be arrested for a good cop bonus, which is beneficial as this will give your character a health power up. Unfortunately, stunning can be quite problematic as we usually ending up killing them. There are also challenges at each stage such as completing stages in a set time or score and arresting certain enemies.


The graphics are strange to say the least, we can see what style they went for and it certainly gives a few nods back to the old style games but after thirty minutes you start to realize that those old 90’s beat um ups did everything better. The game turns out to be a short boring and mess, it feels as if it’s trying to be better than the old school games but in reality, it just can’t compete with them.

The controls are simple and easy to pick up, but the gameplay itself can be very frustrating – hitboxes for both the players and enemies seem to be completely random. Solo play is hard even on normal difficulty and some of the challenges are impossible to complete on your own. The difficulty hits a spike within the first two levels. We played solo first then played co-op and the difficulty went from frustratingly annoying to just plain simple, and early on we found what we thought to be a game-breaking glitch. If you stand your back towards any enemy you will hit them with a backwards elbow – this stuns the enemy and stops all bosses in their tracks. So combine this with a co-op partner and you are pretty much unstoppable.

With all this in mind, Raging Justice is very entertaining, and it will kill about an hour of your time and if you play with a friend you will be guaranteed a few laughs.


Raging Justice can be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Store, swinging in at £9.99


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