E3 2018: Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Ubisoft Conference)

After getting our first look at The Division 2‘s gameplay at Microsoft’s conference, we got to see even more of what we can expect to see in the gritty open world co-op shooter in a gorgeous cinematic trailer for the game depicting the post-apocalyptic Washington setting.

The trailer, which takes us on a sweeping tour of the new setting shows us some pretty gruesome images of what has become of the US capital before a team of heroic figures look over the city, an image reminiscent of the ending of yesterday’s gameplay demo.

According to the conference, the sequel will contain a rich campaign where our choices will have huge effects on the game. Even after the credits role, the game is just beginning. At this point, players will be given the opportunity to “specialise” in particular play styles to unlock new weapons and skills.

You won’t be alone either. A new piece of info dropped is that raids will be part of The Division 2 where you can join together with seven other players.

After release, there will also be three DLCs that will include new story content and events. More importantly, these will be completely free to everyone who owns the game.

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