E3 2018: Skul & Bones

If Sea of Thieves isn’t the pirating adventure for you, then maybe you should set sail for the latest trailer for Skull & Bones, the swash-buckling adventure filled with ruthless pirate action.

Justin Farren, creative director, took the stage to tell more about his vision of a pirate game in which we spend our time hunting other ships to build our fortune. The game will also feature a shared world where players will have the chance to team-up or turn against others seeking their bounty.

A slick gameplay demo showcased the vast customisation options for your ship to tailor your cannons and equipment to fit the mission and playstyle. You could load up with lots of cannons, or, as we seen in the demo, use sails to disguise your ship to try and take a stealthy approach, something reminiscent from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

One noteworthy gameplay feature is the ability to call other playrs to assist you in taking down tougher enemies, where teamwork and co-operating are required to ensure victory. With the bounty captured, it’s now a free-for-al to claim it.

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