E3 2018: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

We’ve already gotten a look at the Lara’s newest adventure when the teaser trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider hit a few weeks ago. Although we still haven’t gotten a full gameplay demo of Crystal Dynamic’s third instalment in the trilogy, the latest cinematic trailer shows more of what we can expect from the game.

Story-wise, the plot appears to revolve around acquiring an ancient dagger to stop a Mayan apocalypse. We also got glimpses of gameplay elements such as underwater areas, more bow and grapple action, and, of course, some good-old-fashioned tomb raiding.

Taking place in a dense jungle area, Lara will be joined once again by her burly companion Jonah and will be coming up against te maniacal corporation known as Trinity.

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You can also pre order the Croft Edition of the game for early access.

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