Destiny 2 Forsaken Stream Full Recap

Here is cliff notes style recap of the bullet points from today’s Bungie stream showing off the next big DLC known as Forsaken.  Here is a the short Vidoc Beungie used tot start the stream with some recaps:

Trailer features the devs showing off what their goal was for Forsaken.  Forsaken was built around community feedback first and foremost.

Reef is confirmed and looks like a baron wasteland.  Their is a prison holding enemies by Cayde-6.  There is a prison break and you’ll be fighting against new enemies know as Barons.

Now have the capabilities to put almost any weapon in any slot.  (Ala 3 shotguns)

Guardian power level shown off as 600.  Can’t confirm if this is new max.

New weapon customization.  New super features.  Believe it to be new skill tree.

New weapon type in bow and arrow.  Different archetypes with short, middle, and long

New raid that is to have more bosses than ever before.  Takes place in a new place called the Dreaming City.  City will change over the following weeks.

New collection menu to track progress in finding everything from armor and weapons.

Trailer is now finished and stream cuts to community manage Deej and developer leads Scott Taylor and Steve Cotton.

Two main goals for Forsaken were to kick off the story in a new direction and make it different and the other is to improve Destiny as a hobby and add more depth.

Story for Forsaken will be revealed at E3.

Gambit is a new mode that pits 2 teams of 4 against each other against hordes of enemies.  There are mechanics that focus on strategy by banking motes, killing bosses, and even killing the other team.  Gambit will be playable at E3 as well as GaurdianCon.

Annual Pass is a new feature that allows you to get 3 different releases for new content.  It is different from the expansions.  Black Armory, Joker’s Wild, and Penumbra are the three content packages that will come out in Fall, Spring, and Summer.  These contain endgame challenges, new things to collect, new and returning exotics, pinnacle activities, new triumph records to collect, and new lore.  It does have exclusive content to those that purchase it.

There will still be updates for those who don’t purchase.  New road map listed below:

Weapon slot changes completely change play style.  Appears to be giving players the freedom to put almost any archetype in each slot.  Noted that it was mentioned that Destiny 2 won’t become “rocket launcher, the game.”

Stream cuts to some live game play.

New Triumphs tab in menu.  It’s a test build so everything in there was labeled “work in progress.”

Collection tab allows you to grab exotics you may have deleted before.  It will also inform you how to get weapons and armor you have gotten before.

That was the conclusion of the stream.

The goal of the stream was to make the announcement and create questions and hype for E3 obviously.  This looks to address a lot of the issues the community have had but we need to get some play time with the new content as well as get the story.

But what do you think will come with Forsaken?  Let us know in the comments below!

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