Death Road To Canada – Xbox One Review

Death Road to Canada had an original release date of April, but due to a tragic attack in Toronto, the developer Rocketcat Games respectively held back the release of the game. Now that we have our hands on it we can tell you all about it.

This title is a randomly generated road trip action RPG – think The Oregon Trail with zombies and cars. The game has you travel from Florida to Canada, word got around that there is a safe place there. Sounds completely insane but the game itself is a well thought funny little title that deserves your attention.

The game begins by allowing you to pick and design your own leader along with your trusty companion that can be played with a friend in local co-op. You will be picking and choosing what type of survivor your character will be, from car mechanic to bodybuilder, with each class being unique that comes with a weapon that matches its class. The game then shows you the basics of how to play during a short tutorial. You are then thrust upon the harsh world to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way straight away with regards to gameplay: You are going to die and then you are going to get angry and then you will start a new game because you lost something so specific which will really annoy you. Dying is integral to the game and you learn from it. The aim of the game is surviving and if you die you jump straight back into a new game (a la roguelite) but this time around remembering to keep your party members happy and always be on the lookout to resupply your food and fuel for the long journey.

Within that long journey, you will encounter random events such as a group of thugs challenging you to a dance off where if you lose, your morale will be affected. Keep Playing the game through with these ‘random’ encounters begin to repeat themselves far too often. A good random event was when we ran out of fuel – Our party then had to make our way down the street on foot until we found a new vehicle. This left us completely open to attacks from and those naughty survivors too.

Dealing with those survivors requires you to upgrade yourself and your party. There is a decent upgrade system in place that enables you to make good use of perks and abilities, which is a well thought out system that doesn’t need you sit in menus endlessly however, it is imperative that you upgrade due to the game having the tendency of hitting difficulty spikes, often leaving you deflated and wondering what is life.

Death Road To Canada is available to purchase and downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £11.99.

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