Destiny 2 Has Probably Already Given Away It’s September DLC Plot

Destiny 2 hasn’t had the most welcoming life.  Coming hot off the heels of the success that was the first game, it came in an empty shell of everything Bungie should have learned from it’s player base.  Granted it’s selfish to think Destiny 2 would launch with as much as the original after it was out for 3 years but even has a huge fan of the series, I’ll admit it let us down.  Bungie has made it known that it plans to rebuild from the ground up in September, like they did with vanilla Destiny when they released The Taken King.  At E3 a few years ago, The Taken King was announced without any real lead up other than rumors from possible leaks.  What if I told you Bungie is going to do the exact same thing in Destiny 2 but they already told us.

For those who don’t follow the story line and lore in Destiny, we’ve already done battle with Oryx, The Taken King, in Destiny who was the leader of the Taken.  The Taken are an army of other races that had their will corrupted and stolen and are under control of Oryx.  They still have an attraction to the light of guardians although they appear to now serve no master.  Or do they?

Oryx has 2 sisters named Xivu Arath and Savathûn.  Anyone who took the time to read the books of sorrow that was compiled in the first Destiny game will be familiar with these two.  Long story short, Oryx and the sisters made pacts with the worm gods with each having to obey their nature where Oryx must always try to understand, Savathûn must always be cunning, and Xivu Arath must always test her strength.  These 3 traits were each of the their highest qualities.  But what does this have to with Destiny 2 now?

In the base Destiny 2 game we had a strike called Savathûn’s Song.  The Hive were using void light from Guardians to help summon a powerful being to Titan.  Throughout the strike, you will run into many elite enemies that are labeled as servants in some form to Savathûn.  This was the first big in game introduction to Savathûn.  Why would Bungie put her name all over the place if this wasn’t leading to something bigger in the form of a face to face war with the Hive goddess?

Now that Warmind has dropped, after you complete the campaign mission of Warmind, there are 4 adventure missions to complete.  One of the missions called Deathly Tremors further pushes the idea that Savathûn is coming for our light.  You are tasked with destroying Hive signal amplifiers that are messing with Ana Bray’s gear.  When you destroy one of the amplifiers, your ghost comments that it picked up a part of the message.  The part reads “Savathûn emerge from the Deep.  Take our power.”  This wouldn’t even be the first time an adventure mission lead us into the next DLC.  On Io their is an adventure mission that lead us to Warmind in fact.  The adventure called Arecibo finishes with your ghost kind of going off on a tangent saying “I don’t understand. Wait. Something’s happening… Gah! Red sand! Mars! Ice caps! Ahhhhh!… Hey! Sorry, I spaced out for a second there. What were we doing?”  With  Warmind taking place on Mars on the ice caps, this was a calling to a future destination.

With as much evidence there is there are some things that may lead us in different directions.  First, think of when the traveler woke at the end of the Destiny 2 campaign.  The light expands and shows it hitting each location throughout the galaxy.  First it’s light hit Mercury and we got Curse of Osiris which takes place on Mercury.  Then it hit Mars and we got Warmind which takes place on Mars.  The third location hit is the Reef.  We haven’t heard anything from the Awoken colony from the Reef since the destruction caused by Oryx.  We know the Queen of the Awoken is alive and her brother is alive among the Fallen on Mars.  We could team with the Queen to attack Savathûn since the Awoken helped with our assault on Oryx but it could lead to something with the Fallen since Price Uldren is with them.

Lastly my other outlier is the final part of the Destiny 2 ending with the ships.  We still know nothing about these ships outside of their obvious threatening nature.  Could this be Savathûn’s followers?  I’ts rumored that the Darkness takes form in these since they are obviously attracted to the light from the Traveler.  This one is beyond speculation and could be something in the works for a while now but may even be a whole new race.

Of course this is all speculation but Bungie’s track record of consistency can be used to possibly cement this as a high chance scenario.  E3 will more than likely make everything clear but I am very positive this will be our next foe.  Remember, those who struggled with Oryx needs to realize he was considered the weak one of the three siblings.

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