New Party Game Awkward Coming Soon

Developer Snap Finger Click who released It’s Quiz Time just before Christmas last year and consists of several developers who worked on games such as Buzz! and The Jackbox Party Pack, have announced a new party game called Awkward, which aims to cause conflict in your home…all in the name of fun of course!

Designed to test how much friends and family really know about each other, Awkward features over 5,000 questions that must first be answered by one player, before another attempts to correctly guess how they responded. The questions vary from trivial matters about food and pop culture to, in the game’s final round, several debate-provoking issues.

Awkward can be played locally by passing the controller, by between one and six players, or streamed via Twitch, YouTube or Mixer, for audiences of up to 500,000 concurrent viewers to play along.

Awkward is due to be released on Xbox One on 5th June for £9.99.

Will you be picking up this title once it releases? Would you like to see more party/ trivia games on Xbox One? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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Stephen Loftus

I'm a Dad to my daughter and my dog, a gamer since I was born and a TV nut since I could open my eyes! Like my taste in music, I like a wide variety of genres of games. You can e-mail me at, or add me on xbox using the gamertag Stevee.

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