Forgotton Anne – Xbox One Review

The Copenhagen-based studio ThroughLine Games has developed Forgotton Anne; the tale of a Human enforcer in the Forgotten Lands, who seeks out the mystery behind an invading glasses-wearing talking red scarf who manages to escape. No really. That’s how this story starts.

As soon as you start Forgotton Anne, you are swept away with the intricate details of the animation and the dedication the team have put into this title – by showing off with an animated story that’s on par with something straight out of Studio Ghibli. By introducing us to the world that we know, we are soon filled with empathy when a businessman forgets his sock under the bed and then the sock is soon whisked away into this universe full of forgotten inanimate objects. These events is how the it leads up to Anne and the talking red scarf.

Of course, this title sustains that impressiveness by flowing the cutscenes straight into gameplay. Forgotton Anne is a platform-puzzler whereby you must use the device on Anne’s wrist known as an Arca, to gather up the land’s power source and divert it to other sections to solve the puzzles. The catch? Only a limited amount of power source can be used by the Arca at any given time and thus you must do a lot of swapping.

It’s a semi-metrodivania title meaning you can freely roam between all the areas the land has to offer, providing you’ve acquired the right ability or solved the puzzles to bypass. Playing Forgotton Anne brings back nostalgia of several titles including the original classic Prince of Persia and the hidden Xbox 360 gem Dust: An Elysian Tale.

There are no camera controls in this title and so the screen will automatically zoom in or out when needed, but what makes this unique to other platform-puzzlers is the layers of depth that many of the sections have. For example, one section involves you making your way to the factory and as you arrive there are stairs directly in front of you. You go down them and the screen expands giving you more of a view of the current section. Think Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey with the layered sections.

You’ll come across many zany characters in Forgotton Anne from the aforementioned red scarf to a Tiffany lamp; adequately named Tipphany. It’s this vibrant and wonderful world that keeps the story flowing as you’re given choices during certain dialogue options and even the option of draining some of the characters’ power using your Arca. If this was a pixelated adventure, you know, the ones we’re seeing an influx of, this wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as what this really is.

Forgotton Anne is a colourful and quirky story that reels you in within the first three minutes – amplified by a unique puzzler that’s not-all-too difficult, but with just enough variance to keep you playing. After playing this title, you’ll think twice about forgetting your house keys.

Forgotton Anne is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £15.99.

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