Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Teases Something New

Battlefield games are well-known for their insanely complex Easter eggs and the latest discovery is nothing short of amazing. All credit goes to the Battlefield Discord, those guys have painstakingly found how to achieve the ending to this easter egg. The Story starts on the map Fort de Vaux that was included in the “They Shall Not Pass” expansion. (Which is completely free to buy right now) There is a door labelled “Isolement” which is French for “Isolation.” the sounds coming from behind the door got the community talking and from then on people always wondered what was going on behind the door.

Creepy Right? Those geniuses over on the discord page eventually figured out how to open the door. Activating a series of hidden switches in a specific order will lead into a cell, containing a painting of a horse a hell of a lot of blood splatters a strange hole and two valves. After a series of random events from throwing a grenade down the hole five times when you hear a certain noise and stabbing a pipe above your head the two valves become available to turn. Again the valves are turned in a specific order which causes an overhead pipe to drip. That dripping is actually Morse code, spelling out “Never be the same.”

Head over to and you will be greeted with this.

Wow… Some Easter Egg right. People have already started to speculate what it could be, some are saying it will be Battlefield V others think it will be some sort of Zombie mode. Whatever it is be ready for the 23rd of May.


What do you think EA will announce thoughts and comments below


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