Star Wars Battlefront 2- The Han Solo Season

In Star Wars Battlefront 2 season 2 is nearly upon us and this time around, it’s Han Solo season. The new season starts next week on May the 16th. With this new season will come a whole host of new content.

First and foremost there will be a whole new game mode, Hero Showdown. This is a 2v2 elimination gamemode that sees you picking a hero each and not been able to pick the same hero twice if you win a round with them. This mode plays out in a best of five rounds style. Along with this new mode there will also be a new map, Jabba’s Palace, but you won’t be able to play the new gamemode on this map, just Heroes vs Villains, Blast, and Arcade.

Fans of the game have been asking for an arcade mode for Starfighter and the developer has delivered. Here you will be able to hone your skills against AI so you are ready to take on the real life players in the full game.

There are some changes coming to character appearances. Lando will be getting an Epic that will be based around his appearance in Jabba’s Palace. There will also be the introduction of the first Legendary Appearance into the game and it will go to Leia and she will have her Boushh outfit from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. The developer is also teasing that there could be more Legendary Appearances coming in June.

The menus will also be getting a quality of life update. This will mean that it is much quicker for you to get into a game from loading up. The multiplayer menu will be split into three categories, Assault, Heroes and Villains, and Operations.

Ever since the new progression system launched players have been asking to be able to spend skill points in between rounds and now you will thankfully be able to do this.

The final thing that the developer is adding is new milestones. They will be adding Score Milestones for each Trooper, Hero and Specials. Troopers will receive three tiers, while Heroes and Specials will have two new tiers.

The new season launches on May 16th.

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