Earth Atlantis Coming Soon

The worlds is in turmoil. After the great climate shift that occurred at the end of the 21st century ninety percent of the earth is under water. that is the world that Earth Atlantis is set in. The human race is no more and the robots have taken over and formed machines in the shape of marine animals.

A side scrolling shooter, Earth Atlantis is a game where you must hunt down and defeat huge sea monsters while exploring this apocalyptic under water world.

The game is set in a world that has a very unique art style. This style reminds us of 14th century style sketches and looks to be highly original. There are four different submarines for you to use and each will have their own unique abilities that you can utilise to your advantage.

The key features of Earth Atlantis include:

  • Original side-scrolling shooter with a monster-hunting objective.
  • Unique “Old Sketching” visual style.
  • Two game modes: Quest mode, Hunter mode.
  • 4 Playable ships with unique weapons.
  • 25 large monsters and 4 enemy ships to hunt with 12 special events to complete.

Earth Atlantis is set to be released on the Xbox One on June 1st.

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