Best Xbox Gaming YouTube Channels To Watch As Chosen By You

What do a lot of our readers like to do when not playing Xbox One games? Watching videos of other people playing Xbox One games of course!

We asked the Xbox One Facebook community what YouTube channels they would recommend people subscribe to. Below is a list of the group’s favourite channels to watch in 2018. Some of these YouTubers are purely gaming related while others are a mix of content.

You might already subscribe to a some of these but hopefully, everyone is able to find someone new and interesting to follow. Make sure that if you do check them out to comment on their videos and say Xbox One UK sent you!


DiscoGnome’s channel is a great mix of videos for RPG’s like Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Bioshock.


Tested is an extremely popular, (3.2m Subscribers) YouTube channel that features Adam Savage and his incredibly cool builds, tests, and experiments. Check out the video of him taking the Xbox One Kinect apart.


Boogie2988 is even more popular than Tested with over 4.4m subs. Boogies2988 covers a nice mix of gaming, rage videos and life topics, (check out his amazing weight loss following a gastric bypass).


Gamesprout is a great mix of funny videos and user submissions. Lots of content around fails, accidental wins and random moments in games like Rainbow Six Siege, Farcry 5 and of course, Fortnite.


Eso is a channel that is purely focused on providing guides to The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Fallout 4. Featuring Builds, Weapons, Armour and Hidden Treasures.


Featuring COD WW2. Fortnite and Assassins Creed Videos,  I AM WILDCAT gives you the chance to watch Tyler doing what we all love doing – playing Xbox One games and having a laugh. 6m people can’t be wrong, can they?


Do you like watching people losing there s*%t over being trolled? Then you’re going to want to subscribe to StoneMountain64. This guy will have you in stitches!


A mix of comedy, trolling and banter videos, MarleyThirteen has some funny videos of COD WW2 and GTA V, all with smooth Scottish commentary.


With over 8m subscribers, the RadBrad is “the King of YouTube Walkthrough Videos” according to FMV Magazine. Great mix of games, its clear to see why this YouTube channel is so popular.

So there you have it, the most popular YouTube channels that Xbox One UK readers are watching. If you do subscribe be sure to let them know we sent you!

Are there any we’ve missed? A channel you think we should be shouting out? Let us know in the comments below. We’re going to be bringing a lot more video content to the site this year so be sure to tell us if there is anyone we should be featuring in future.

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A Fan of Console Games since he first vanquished bosses using Paper, Scissors, Stone, Jon is aiming to get every owner of an Xbox One to visit the site daily.Likes: Anything with wheels and an engine, Animals, Action Movies. Dislikes: Commuting, Working for others, Netflix series that are terrible but rated 5 stars.

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