Mx vs ATV: All Out – Xbox One Review

Rainbow Studios and THQ Nordic have added to their popular series of Mx vs ATV with this latest offering of All Out.  A new complete off-road racer with the lifestyle experience.

The series started back in 2005 and featured for the first time, dirt bikes and ATVs in the same game, bringing a whole new dimension to off road racing. It was a welcomed change to the normal world of racing in the gaming world, with a new a twist into an untapped market.  The game has evolved and went through various tweaks and additions to enhance the overall experience and it’s certainly stepping things up this year with All Out.

We were super excited when we heard about the customisation expansions and new game modes as well as the free style open world modes enhancing previous versions of the game and bringing a whole new dimension to the series. Enhanced graphics, extreme customisations, and aerials tricks.

The tutorials start off OK, but are not on any rails and can be quite passive, clunky and disappear off screen quite quickly.  If you are new to the series this might be off putting and frustrating.  The tutorials definitely leans towards returning fans of the series, who will most likely already have a good grasp of the controls and know what to expect.

On a more positive note however, you have a considerably large sized map as your personal online playground, complete with jumps, ramps, numerous types of terrain with special cogs to collect for the bravest of jumpers.  You will be chilling out here, practicing and honing your skills on your chosen vehicle of choice. It is a great place to test out different bikes, ATVs with different upgrades and tuning effects.  This open world is pretty good fun just to have a blast around and you will certainly lose a few hours of bliss in here.

When you get started and come to customising your rider and vehicles, there are a plethora of options at your disposal. From a vast amount of interchangeable gear, to completely customising and tuning your vehicle – Forza style. You have options of adjusting your engine, suspensions, tires and wheels – to name a few. You can even add a few decals, if you so wish.

On top of all of this you can design your own A.I racer profiles to race and compete against, which is another nice touch.

Simply put, you can ooze your personality into this game and be pretty pleased with the outcome.

There are several game modes for you to enjoy including Series, where you compete for trophies in a variety of events, Online, Time Trial, Single Event and Arcade mode, where you can battle it out head to head in split screen multiplayer.

The Series mode has 5 difficulty settings – beginner, easy, medium, hard and all time. You can initiate practices to get a lay of the track and the all important terrain.  Very useful to gain some good intel and work out the best routes.  As well as this you can switch up a gear by adding qualifying in for some extra realism and you can also set the number of laps.

For anyone new coming to this game, it doesn’t specify any intro as to what each event is and expects you to already know – a small effort should be made to welcome new gamers to this genre by making this more newbie friendlier.

The events will compromise of  5 categories which are Supercross, which is standard racing around a mini-track, National, where races are held on larger tracks, Opencross, which allows the use of any vehicle – so expect to see quads and ATVs as well as bikes, Waypoint, where racers will have to race to highlighted way point on the course in sequential order and finally Freestyle, which is held in an arena set out for jumps and the best freestyle scoring tricks will win. A few niggles we found was that if you did badly in any of the races, there is no restart and you will have to continue the championship.

The physics in MX vs ATC: All Out are good, where you have to balance your bike for a landing inline with the trajectory of the ground you are about to land on, the surface material and your bikers position.  It’s all about the weight transfer.  We loved the realism.  The bikes at speed and in the jumps are a joy to watch and experience. Very smooth and realistic on the ground and in the air.  The squad of bikers racing against each other brought some great realism, making it fun but competitive.

Performing tricks can be punishing if you don’t have enough speed, air, timing and the all important landing.  After a bit of practice though you can be show boating in no time, pulling off some really nice tricks.  The tricks are a little limited but still good fun to pull off.

The bikes handle well, but we found the controls to be very, very sensitive. Turning feels weightless and had no weight to it and was pretty much instant.  Too much and you could definitely over do it in a turn, trick or slide. Throttle response and braking are on point.  Skidding can be a little bit difficult to master as can the timing of some aerial manoeuvres.  You will fall a lot, but practice makes perfect!

The graphics close up are really good and you get that sense of speed and some great care and attention to detail has been taken for the immediate graphics of your player and the surrounding radius of the player, but when you slow down the graphics of objects in the distance and not too far feel rushed and unfinished. In some of the race modes the graphics of the track and rendering can be quite blocky so this can be quite distracting as it’s not smooth.

When going across the mud and the water it would have been great to see the splashes wipe down the screen.  Going across the water you don’t really see much splashing, which is disappointing, considering the attention to detail that has gone into other areas of the game that are absolutely spot on. In addition to that, the smoke left by other racers is not very realistic.  The game has come pretty far from its origins and so have the graphics, however a little bit more care and time, this could have given the game a much better look.

A nice mixture of rock with nineties and naughties tracks give the games back ground a great sound and tie in really well with the game play, giving good energy and mood. Nothing like a little bit of Offspring to take you back.  The sound of the various engines for the dirt bikes and quad bikes is pretty good, accompanied by the sound of flying gravel and different terrains and some echoing in the woods – a nice touch. Really brings everything together.

One of the main flaws with this title, is that when you fall off the bike, it can take a considerable length of time to reset, where you can drop far down the field from leading the pack considerably. If you can remember Road Rash and the feeling when you fell off you had to wait for the bike to come to a halt. This can become quite infuriating especially if you have been pitch perfect the whole race..  Intertwined with this is that if you hit a tree or a rock, the reset will start you in front of the tree or rock, not next to it or to the side.

For those achievement hunters, there are 37 achievements for you to tackle, split between playing online, Series and some in open play.

This game is like a crossover of Pure and Trials. Fast action with racing and showboating, with finesse, timing and execution all rolled into a glorious open world, full of epic customisable possibilities that will rock your world.

Although the game plays well there are some niggles, not major, some can be forgiven, but from a fans point of view it really lets the game down.  The game is a little clunky, the graphics feel a little rushed in the background, especially with water effects, it has been rushed and could have been better to give it that extra realistic touch.

But if you love off-roading, dirt bikes and quads then you will not want to miss this and we believe you will have hours of fun. Real dirt racers may be left wanting more and little disappointed for the lack of realism but if you look past that and treat it as a game, it will grow on you.  If you are new to the series, give it a little time and bear with it and you will grow to like it.

Mx vs ATV: All Out is available to purchase from retailers and can be downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £39.99.

What are you most looking forward to? Have you got the game, what are your thoughts?  We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please leave your comments below and let us know.

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  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


Mx Vs ATV: All Out is a fine new addition to the series with plenty of improvements over its predecessors however, some of the physics aren’t up to scratch, but with a wealthy array of customisation options at your disposal and plenty of game modes to choose from, you’ll never be short of something to do.

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