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Venom Xbox One X and S Vertical Charging Stand Review
Venom UK has entered the market with a combined stand and dual charger for the Xbox One X and the XBox One S. Although there are combined stands and game storage units available from other vendors, this configuration is different because it offers dual chargers as well. The result of this design is a compact Xbox One console storage unit that also charges your controllers.

In the box and appearance

In the box, you will find the stand, two wireless controller batteries, a small USB cable, and the black plastic stand. There is a card that tells you how to access the online user guide. All the gear is black.

The stand is made with rounded corners and comes with a matt finish. The result is a plastic appearance, but this doesn’t matter once you place the wireless Xbox console and the controllers on it as it will be mostly obscured.

Getting started

As you would expect, there is nothing complicated about this stand. Place your console into the stand and hear it click safely in place. Insert the USB cable into the Xbox console so that it can power the stand.

Put the batteries into your wireless controllers, and place the controllers onto the charging docks.

Product Features

You will be happy to know that the wireless controllers will charge when the console is on standby.  And wireless controllers will also charge when the console is in use.

  • Both Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles will fit
  • The two rechargeable battery packs are compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S, Special Edition, and Elite controllers
  • Two charging docks for all Xbox One wireless controllers
  • Dock receives power from the console via a USB cable, which is included
  • Two USB ports on the dock to power or charge other devices


If you are buying a brand new Xbox One S or X console, then the Venom Vertical Charging Stand is nearly a mandatory purchase. It will provide you with a compact and tidy way to store your gear, and your controllers are always charged and ready to go.

People who want to tidy things up or are sick of having a charger and stand taking up too much room will also find this worth the purchase price.

The Venom Xbox One X and S Vertical Charging Stand is available to buy from Amazon for £29.99
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