Octahedron – Xbox One Review

The indie developer world has been making a theme out of how much they can squeeze out of great gameplay with minimal Hollywood style appeal. In comes Demimonde, the one-man game development studio behind Octahedron. The studio’s creator Marco, also known as Monomirror, is solely responsible for nearly all aspects of the game, including design, programming, and art. Octahedron brings new life into action puzzle platformers through addictive fun gameplay with a very unique visual appeal.

From the beginning as well as looking at any trailers you find, you will wonder what Octahedron is even about. Its mix of visuals as well as simplistic gameplay mechanics led us to believe that the game itself may fall flat of content or if anything, the ability to keep us captivated.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Octahedron is essentially trying to solve a somewhat complex puzzle during a rave party.  The old school appearance reminiscent of old school 8 bit platformers, with some of the most beautiful color design possible is a great mesh.  We were lucky enough to enjoy it on a LG B7 OLED TV when playing.  While trapped in another world, you are forced to climb to escape by making platforms and avoiding obstacles whilst collecting resources to open the path to later levels.  There is no huge tutorial and you are kind of thrown into the madness but the game does an amazing job at easing you into the more complex situations.  Level design is very intelligently done whereas the concept in each level is the same but they vary enough to where nothing feels stale or repeated.  With 50 levels in total, and plenty of things to go back for that you might have missed, Octahedron is a complete and gratifying experience.s fault. Each and every time we died, we looked at what we were doing incorrectly and could usually find a different way to complete a section of the puzzle.

Aside from the gameplay itself, the visual and audio design are the spices that complete this wonderful treat.  Classic pixel design mixed with modern visuals in color as well as a killer soundtrack to fit the techno vibe keep you engaged and naturally having fun unless you absolutely hate this style.  The gameplay itself is strong enough to hold up but this form of presentation is a perfect fit.

As simple as it looks and feels, Octahedron is basically the life of the party.  It doesn’t know much except on just how to have a good time. Isn’t that all we want from our games? With its beautiful design, intelligent level design, as well as replayability, Octahedron is the perfect addition to any game collection.  No matter your style!

Octahedron is available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store, priced at £9.99.

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