Dying Light Prison Heist Mode Released

Some developers release a game and then forget about it. Not the people at Techland though. Over three years ago they released Dying Light and now they have released the latest piece of DLC, the Prison Heist Mode and it is totally free.

Prison Heist mode takes place in Prison Land, a brand new location and is a timed challenge. It can be played both solo or in co-op mode. Your task is to beak into a prison and loot the armoury before the timer runs out. The faster you do it, the better the loot you get is. Simple.

Included is also a new zombie called Sgt. Deathrow, a brutal demolisher zombie who is hiding out in Old Town and it sounds as if he will offer somewhat of a challenge to players.

This also isn’t the last we will hear from Dying Light as the developer has a whole host of content slated for release. This includes the Bad Blood DLC which will be a six player battle royale mode. So although the zombies may be dead, Dying Light certainly isn’t.

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Source: eurogamer.net


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