XUR Location 23rd March to 30th March

The shifty dark Agent of the Nine vendor, Xur has more treats in store this week.

Xur sells exotic hard to get items that are very powerful, most with a power score of 305, which will allow to you either dish or take more damage or increase your abilities for a short while, great for Guardians looking to leave their mark on the competition.  To get your hands on this new exotic gear you will have to exchange some shiny legendary shards, but first you will have to find him.  His location can change on a weekly basis.  Bungie has made it even easier now and his location can be found on the maps, saving you even more time, so that you can go out there and dish out some more damage.



You will find him this time on Earth, marked by the IX emblem North of Winding Cove.  You can land at the Winding Cove.  On landing move forward towards the road and look for a cliff on the right.  You will need to vanquish some fallen, so have your favourite weapon at hand to take care of these small obstacles.  Climb the hillside and you will find Xur waiting to trade with you.


On offer

This week there are some cool pieces or armour and a powerful weapon up for grabs.

Weapon  (29 Legendary Shards)

Sunshot – A powerful Hand Cannon that shoots explosive rounds and highlights targets.  Targets killed with Sunshot also explode in solar energy.


Armour (23 Legendary Shards)

Hunter: Orpheus Rig Leg Armour – Provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot anchors and void melee abilities recharge faster.

Titan: Lion Rampant Leg Armour – Provides additional aerial manoeuvrability with the added additional benefit of increased armour recovery allowing you to recover heal faster.

Warlock: Karnstein Gauntlets – Melee attacks grant increased resilience and mobility, and they highlight injured enemies.  Melee kills greatly restore health.


Consumable  – Three of Coins – Increased chance to receive exotic engrams from sources in the world.  Effect lasts 4 hrs costing 31 Legendary shards.


EngaramsFated Engram – Will contain new exotic engrams if any remain to be collected.  Costing a whopping 97 legendary shards.


So spend wisely Guardian and may victory be yours in the light of the Traveler.


In Addition

Also keep mind that FACTIONS are now doing their joining rallies!

Speak to the 3 faction leaders in the tower, listen closely, think, reflect, and select the faction you wish to back!  Completing crucible matches, and various tasks around each planet will build up affinity and unlock some cool rewards.  This can lead to additional weapons, armour, rewards and in some cases, items that contain legendary shards and we all know who loves trading in legendary shards.


Choose wisely Guardian.

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