Bridge Constructor Portal – Xbox One Review

Over a year ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing Bridge Constructor Stunts – the sequel to 2015’s Bridge Constructor. It was a fun way to pass the time testing your logic in basic physics while trying to complete puzzles involving moving a vehicle from point A to point B without any hindrance. Developer ClockStone is now taking a new twist with adding in a spin from the classic series Portal in its follow up Bridge Constructor Portal.

The concept here is the same as before.  You have to create ramps and bridges to get vehicles to the end point without being destroyed.  As easy as it sounds, you are given incentive to keep it on a budget on how much you can build so your designs need to be practical as well as effective.  Taken from the Portal world is the famed portals for teleportation that are used in maps to help create more variety on how to get the job done.  As difficult as some levels may seem, you have an infinite number of attempts so there is no real pressure to complete one in a certain amount of time.  This also gives a sense of accomplishment as you test builds and see your progress move forward… or backward if you’re anything like me.

Players can switch between construction mode, test mode, and vehicle mode to visualize their solution. Test mode simulates the physics of the level to see how the bridge components stand up under their own weight whereas vehicle mode sends one or more trucks through the player’s solution. During either of these, the game shows any struts or cables that are under stress (highlighted in red). If they exceed their stress limit, they will break and cause the bridge to collapse. If the player designs a bridge to successfully allow one vehicle to pass, they can then try to send a convoy of vehicles through the course. These vehicles are released one at a time at regular intervals, and tests to see if the bridge components stand up to repeated stress or if the crossing of paths causes any collisions.

With 60 levels, it bares in mind to say you might be able to complete Bridge Constructor Portal quickly but mastering it is something that takes a lot of time and patience.  It’s not frustrating as you continue to progress which always seems to open your imagination up to a new possibility.  Anyone who has played the original will love this entry, as well as new players, whether you played Portal at all or not.  This continues to be a fun indie title with a ton of potential.

Bridge Constructor: Portal is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £11.99.

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