Microsoft Offers £80,000 in Gold Bananas

The launch of Rare’s pirate epic Sea of Thieves is releasing in a matter of days and something special is about to happen.

Microsoft have announced its very own treasure hunt – “The Quest for the Golden Bananas.” Players are given a series of riddles to solve, culminating in a grand prize of a solid gold 18-carat bunch of bananas valuing at a whopping £80,000.

The treasure hunt starts at 8am here in the UK on 19th March. All you need to do is visit and your first riddle will be provided. In the next few days, fourteen more riddles will be released. All riddles will be set online and in real-world locations so that everyone has an equal opportunity to win the big prize.

Then on 23rd March, the lucky winner will receive the golden goodness. Don’t worry to much about not winning as instant prizes can be won for runners-up and could be  rewarded with limited edition Sea of Thieves golden ‘doubloons’ valued at over £300 each.



Will you be taking part in this epic treasure hunt? Have you ever won a gaming competition in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source – Xbox Wire

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