PUBG Gets It’s Latest Patch

Developer Bluehole and Microsoft have rolled out the latest update for the incredibly successful battle royale game, PUBG. This update, Patch 10, fixes some known issues that came about after the implementation of the last update.

It was due to drop last week but required a little more work to fix a few things that could have impacted the player experience. Microsoft’s executive producer Nico Bihary said “We identified some issues that may (emphasis on may) result in a degraded player experience”

The main fixes include:

  • Fixed issue where player revival would continue despite interruption.
  • Fixed repeating sounds from footsteps or when reloading Kar98k, Revolver, or Shotgun.
  • Fixed issue where (B) and (Y) buttons remained active in gameplay while in the map view.
  • Fixed issue where the parachute cable would not disappear following a landing in water.
  • Fixed issue where the player could not cut the parachute cable when becoming stuck during landing.
  • Pressing the (B) button while in the Settings menu will cause the player to exit the plane.

It is nice to see a developer constantly working on updating and fixing issues with their game and Bluehole have announced that they will be now be working on a longer 2-3 week update cycle to make the player experience as good as it can be.

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