This Weeks New Releases – W/C 26th February

This weeks releases sees a plethora of ID@Xbox titles heading your way, with new titles and remastered titles spanning a wide range of genres, a game entering Game Preview and another Game Preview game becoming a completed title, there are options for everybody. Let’s check them out.

Tuesday 27th February

Immortal Redneck

Put on the mummified boots of a redneck tourist who wakes up in ancient Egypt after a supernatural accident. A mix of old-school FPS action and rogue-lite elements, fight through dangerous pyramids, destroy a variety of monsters, and figure out what happened to this Immortal Redneck.

de Blob 2

The Inkies have returned with a new scheme to rid the world of colour and it’s up to you to stop them! Play across 12 levels on a new colour-packed adventure where custom paints, patterns, and music bring the world to life as Blob fights to restore peace to his colourful home.


Race across a variety of environments from all over the world in three racing challenges including cross country, stadium events, and unique courses set in the wild. Take your racing skills online against other players and compete for the title of Gravel World Champion!

Wednesday 28th February

Bridge Constructor Portal

Return to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center for a slew of new challenging puzzles, this time as a bridge constructor. As a new Aperture Science employee under the tutelage of GLaDOS, it’ll be up to you to build bridges, slides, ramps and a variety of other constructions across 60 test chambers, utilizing the series’ signature tools like portals, propulsion gel, faith plates and more all in the name of science.

Deep Rock Galactic – Game Preview

Deep Rock Galactic is a new co-op FPS that features destructible environments in procedurally-generated caves and (naturally) an endless horde of alien monsters that guard valuable minerals for you and your team of Dwarves to collect.

Darkest Dungeon

With a mix of gothic horror and challenging turn-based RPG mechanics, Darkest Dungeon challenges you to successfully manage a group of flawed heroes through twisted forests, crypts, and dungeons. Battle not only the monsters you’ll face, but the physical and mental toll each successive adventure into the dark takes on your fledgling group of knights, mages, and thieves.

Friday 2nd March


Inspired by the real-world locations of northern Mexico, Mulaka is a new 3D action-adventure game based on the culture of the Tarahumara. Pulling from the region’s rich mythology, embark on an epic journey of a SukurĂșame (shaman) as you draw upon the power of gods to fight against the corruption of your land.

Pit People

Exiting Game Preview – Take command of a full cast of tragic heroes across an apocalyptic wonderland. Combining elements of fast-paced gameplay, turn-based strategy, and co-op adventure. Find loot, customize your crew, and fight in tournaments to survive this hostile world that is home to electrobots, vampires, and cupcake people.

Turok & Turok 2

The two classics returns! Restored and enhanced with a new visual engine for Xbox One, return as the time-traveling warrior Turok who has found himself lost in a savage land of conflict. Find the eight pieces of the shattered Chronoscepter scattered across this world to put an end to the Campaigner’s evil crusade… and fight a ton of dinosaurs, naturally.
Will you be picking up any of these titles this week? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.
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