Fortnite Season 3 Is Live

It’s here i’m ready and pretty sure the millions of players out there are ready for Fortnite Season 3. All you loot enthusiasts will be happy to know that this season’s battle pass which costs only 950 V-Bucks has more tiers, which means new loot and new cosmetic rewards, Epic also adds “It should still take a similar amount of time to unlock everything, You’ll just get more rewards for doing so.”

Here is what to expect in the new Fortnite Update:

Lets Start with everyone’s favourite mode Battle Royale,  Now running at a tasty 60FPS on not just Xbox One X but also Xbox one Version. Next coming in with a fresh new weapon we have the “Hand Cannon” now this beast fires Heavy ammo and can be found in your typical floor loot, Treasure Chests and supply drops and only comes in Epic and legendary rarity so when you get your hands on this bad boy keep it safe.

Lets not Forget about the main game mode “Save The World” they have added a much needed contraption to traverse those huge open areas the “Hoverboard!” I think secretly even if we didn’t know we wanted this to be a thing we are happy it’s now a thing.

Finally they have updated the building just to name a few things, Automatic material change and something Epic Games likes to call Turbo Building! Check out some of the new build improvements in the video.

Now this is just a small taste of what to expect in Season 3 which will span from February 22nd – April 30 to get a full run down on the whole thing check out Epic Games Patch Notes for V.3.0.0 over on the Fortnite webpape.

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Source: Epic

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