Mutant League Football Review

Have you ever experienced something and just think to yourself “what just happened?”. Not that it was a bad thing but the experience was so random and off the wall that you just feel weird after partaking in it.  Welcome to Mutant League Football, a witty recreation of the 1993 American Football classic that uses creatures and machines in a make believe league that focuses on comedic style sport a-la NFL Blitz.

Mutant League Football is based completely on inappropriate jokes, lots of violence, and a heavy arcade style of the sport that gives quick cheap thrills and entices a feeling of “just one more game.”  Players can choose from multiple teams and play in multiple venues.  Each stadium is layered with traps of which players can use to their advantage if they are very familiar with the field of play.  This is a new meaning to home field advantage.  Also on the field anything goes.  Players can bribe the referees for cheap penalties on the opposing team as well as if you face a referee screwing your team over, you can just murder the referee to rectify the situation.  Players have also cheap tactics to cheat the competition on a limited use basis.  Use things such as chainsaws to murder opposing team members or use super speed boosts so that they can’t catch you for an easy touchdown.  There is a lot that has been thought of with these ways to manipulate the current situation.  Which also opens the door to new ways to win.  You can of course just outscore your opponent but cause enough damage to murder enough players and the opposing team will be forced to forfeit.  Single games are relatively quick lasting around 10 to 15 minutes without any kind of time manipulation.  There are quickplay and season options as well.

What makes this much more fun, and immature, is the audio dialogue throughout each game.  The announcers are full of cursing and what could be considered harsh locker room banter that will make you chuckle for a moment.  Match that with the bone breaking and flesh tearing sounds on the field and it is a very enjoyable experience.  The audio itself is sheer brilliance on what Mutant League Football looks and should feel like.  Just don’t let your younger family members listen carefully.

When it comes to looks, this remake of Mutant League Football literally appears like the 1993 classic and NFL Blitz had a baby together.  Its not breathtaking but the character designs are overdone and comedic and in a way that compensates the overall feel.  The stadiums are very well done with extreme design as well as an atmosphere that compliments each stadiums traps.  For example one stadium covered in acid traps is in a constant acid rain environment which all just goes so well together.

When playing, this luckily doesn’t feel like a complex simulator like Madden.  You do have some in depth options such as audibles and adjustments that can be made on the fly but it isn’t integral to success.  Like we said earlier, this sticks to its guns really well as classic arcade fun.  With its tons of options without forcing the player to have a complex knowledge of the sport, it’s great for all players who just want to have some fun.

When remakes happen, I tend to get a little nervous especially when it is a Kickstarter that doesn’t reach it’s goal.  However with that in mind, developer Digital Dreams Entertainment still pushed on which their passion for this project truly shows.  It’s a simple and fun spin on the sport of American Football.  It doesn’t offer anything else and doesn’t try to be anything else.  With it’s numerous foul jokes and violence, you’ll be removed from reality and taken into a demon world only imaginable by someone with a screw or two loose… and that’s just fine.

Mutant League Football is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £14.99.

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