Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China – Xbox One Review

For those of you who never paid attention in any history class, during the 1940’s the world was in its second World War.  Now as a gamer well after the fact, this traumatic event has given us the opportunity for us to try to relive those experiences as a front lines warfighter.  Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China gives everyone a chance to experience those amazing dogfights in the skies of the war while giving players a bunch of ways to play.

As XboxOneUK’s resident Yank, and a former member of the US military, it was hard for me to look at this just simply as a game and not want to pick it apart at its core for historical accuracy.  Also my fear was this being something straight from a history documentary without any real aspect of just being fun.  Flying Tigers: SOC delivers on both very well actually.

Players are given the option to play as a traditional flight simulator with complex but accurate controls or a more arcade like feel.  This has an obvious effect on the difficulty as well. The campaign is much shorter than I hoped it would be and lacks real meaningful dynamic cut scenes.  A bunch of missions involve so little and could have been expanded further beyond something as simply as shooting down 5 planes.  The game has much more to offer than outside of the campaign luckily and not even including multiplayer.

Outside of the campaign players can take on Dog Fighting, Survival, Challenge, and even Free Flight modes.  Free Flight is literally just a great way to fly around to perfect your handling of an air craft.  It is so simple of a concept and we loved it.  It was just like free roaming the streets in GTA.  Dog Fighting allows you to stage up a map with enemies and take them on in your own configured situation.  Survival is just how it sounds and pits you against endless waves of enemies.  Lastly, Challenge mode offers different challenges such as things to collect or targets to destroy within a certain timeframe.  All this as well online multiplayer modes give players a ton of things to do with very little investment needed.

The environment created by Ace Maddox is mediocre, given the more budget feel to the game.  Audio cues are alright which don’t sound bad as well as some decent voice acting but it never really feels like a warzone environment.  This may also be me being picky but I was hoping for full Dolby Atmos support.  A game about flight and 360 degree sound is a perfect candidate for this kind of treatment.  Visually everything is average-looking.  Flying Tigers: SOC runs great on Xbox One X but graphically looked a little water downed.  This could actually pass as a decent game on Xbox 360 instead of the current generation.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China offers a lot for a game that from the outside would appear to probably have little depth.  Outside of the short overall campaign there is a ton to do for those who just love the idea of playing a fighter jet.  While it’s not the most appealing to look at, it doesn’t hinder it from being a solid download that will give players enjoyment each time they fire it up.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is available to download now from the Xbox Store, priced at £15.19.

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