Venom Twin Docking Station For Xbox One Review

Here at Xbox One UK, we are pleased to announce that we are reviewing another product from Venom. Last time, we reviewed the Venom Maurauder 7.1 Surround Sound Headset, but this time we bring you the hardware review for the Venom Twin Docking Station for Xbox One.

If you’re anything like me, and you play on your Xbox regularly, you’ll find yourself needing to charge that controller of yours quite often. You may have multiple controllers, because you know, your friends like to come round and give you a beating on FIFA, or your significant other might decide they want to show you who’s boss – so you’ll need to have some controllers all charged up and ready. Sure, you could charge it up using the supplied USB cable, or you could charge two controllers at once with the Venom Twin Docking Station. But is it worth it?

Setting Up and Getting Started

Inside the box you’ll notice there are two NiMH battery packs which you can just slide onto the back of your controllers, after removing the battery cover (and any batteries currently inside). There is also the twin charging dock and a USB cable to connect to the charging dock. You just plug the other end of the USB cable straight into the Xbox and you’re all set to go. It’s as easy as that! There’s no need for a power supply as it’s all powered via USB.

Charging and Playtime

To be fair to the product, I made sure both my controllers were depleted completely before sticking them into the dock. One of my controllers was a new Project Scorpio edition controller, and the other was an Elite controller. This is where I already faced an issue, not a major issue but one that affects my personal ‘quality of life’ when it comes to gaming. I couldn’t have the paddles attached to my elite controller whilst it was charging, so every time I wanted to charge that controller I had to remove them and then replace them once it had finished charging. Not to mention for those who may have a chat pad attached to their controller, which needs taking off before every charge also.

From the moment of inserting the controllers onto the charging dock, which were easily placed down and felt ‘locked’ in place, it took around 1 hour to fully charge both controllers. The lights on the docking station lit up red and then turned green for each controller in the cradle once the charge is completed so you know exactly when it’s finished.

After a couple days of intense gaming (in between work and family affairs) the dreaded “Your controller batteries are low” popped up on the screen and thus it was time to replace the controller back into the cradle. This was approximately 16-18 hours of game time.


  • Dock, store and charge
  • Rapid recharge cradle for 2 Xbox One® wireless controllers
  • Keep controllers fully charged and ready to use
  • Supplied with x2 Nimh rechargeable battery packs
  • Charges whilst on standby
  • Polished black finish to match controllers
  • Red LED charge indicators turn to green once controllers are fully charged
  • Up to 18 hours gameplay
  • Charges via USB cable (included)


The actual docking station is very lightweight weighing less than the chat pad attachment for Xbox controllers. Although I’ve only used a couple of times for review purposes, we’re yet to see how it holds up in the long-term. I found that you could ‘cheat’ the docking station by removing the charger from the controller and firmly pressing the charger onto one of the docking cradles and letting it go when the prongs underneath push up the charger – eliminating the need to have a controller required in the dock when charging.

Considering that you get two charging packs along with the docking station, the RRP of £15 seems very reasonable and is a good addition to your gaming setup. But for me, considering I use the elite controller with the paddles, it’s more than a hindrance than anything and I would much rather use the cable. Having said that, if you play far away from your console, the docking station is perfect. Impractical for attached accessories.

The Venom Twin Docking Station for Xbox One can be purchased from most retailers and is also available in white, for those who like to stick to the white theme of your Xbox One S.

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