The Latest Battlefield 1 Trial Is Here

It’s the New Year and EA have a little treat for all the Battlefield 1 players of the world. From January 16th and January 22nd there will be a few trials going on for players to sink there teeth into.

During this time players will be able to storm the Gallipoli peninsula. This will be included in the Battlefield 1: Turning Tides- Gallipoli trial. But if you are a base game player then this is not all that is in store for you. During this trial period you will also be able to experience the expansions In The Name Of The Tsar and They Shall Not Pass. As an added bonus, base game players will also get access to the night map Prise de Tahure which was previously only available to premium pass holders.

There is also a treat for premium pass owners as well. You will be able to get involved with the North sea campaign in Turning Tides. This will include the Zeebrugge and Heligoland Bight maps as well as the British Empire Royal Marines and the new C-Class Airship.

It seems like exciting times are ahead for Battlefield 1 so fix bayonets and get ready to charge.

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