Exclusive Xbox One Games in 2018

If you’re a Xbox One purist, you’re in for an exciting year! 2018 is well and truly here, and we’re looking at some really attractive titles coming up exclusively for Microsoft’s game console.

If you want to know what Xbox One Exclusive games you’ll likely be playing throughout the next months, read through this article for the most interesting titles on the horizon.

Sea of Thieves

A new action-aventure title from legendary developer Rare, Sea of Thieves has strong multiplayer elements meant to keep you exploring virtual seas with your friends. You’ll experience some great adventures while plundering amazing treasures and fighting off other pirates.


This action-RPG features amazing visuals and some unique challenges and adventures. You’ll be exploring gorgeous virtual landscapes, creating settlements and interacting with other players while looking for the best ways to stay alive in the hostile and exotic game environment.

Black Desert Online

You may be familiar with this extremely popular MMORPG on the PC, but you have never seen Black Desert Online looking so nice and polished. The Xbox One version features 4k graphics and lots of interesting exclusive content that will keep you coming back for more.

Crackdown 3

How would you like to fight crime in a futuristic environment, where you can stop time while doing intense battles and enjoying furious action? One of the main selling points of this game are the thoroughly destructible environments and the voice talents of Terry Crews, whose presence makes you feel like you’re taking part in a futuristic cop movie.

Deep Rock Galactic

This sci-fi shooters sets itself apart from the competition by encouraging you to gather a team of four players to act out the role of space miners and explore massive otherworldly landscapes. With its hundreds of missions and procedurally generated environment, this is a game that you’ll likely come back to frequently.

The Darwin Project

Here’s another great looking battle oriented game with a strong focus on survival and resource management. Asides from its engaging art style, this competitive multiplayer title stands out by encouraging you to build intricate traps as a way to stay alive and hunt down your prey.

The Last Night

Impressive visuals and cinematic action away for you in this 2.5D platformer which has been attracting much praise with its interesting story and unique gameplay elements. You’ll do extensive explorations while interacting with a colorful character roster and coming across some memorable secrets and plot twists.

State of Decay 2

If you like the idea of fighting off zombies while trying to survive in a hostile open-world environment, you will appreciate this title. You can play cooperatively with up to three other players, or play by yourself and cycle through a team of four survivors each having different characteristics and fighting styles.

As can see, there are plenty of noteworthy Xbox One Exclusive titles on the horizon!

What titles are you looking forward the most? Write your comments below and share your thoughts!
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