Let Them Come – Xbox One Review

Let Them Come is a 2-D shooter that is a little different to most games in the genre. Normally in a title like this, you would move through a level and encounter enemies on the way. In Let Them Come, you are stationary and the enemies come to you, hence the name.

You play as the last surviving member of the crew of a spaceship that has been overrun by a whole host of alien species. When this happens to you what do you do? You set up a turret and shoot for all your life is worth. There is no help coming, all you have for company is your trusty boom box.

The stationary nature of the game makes the mechanics incredibly simple. You aim with your left stick and shoot with the left trigger. This could sound boring but the enemies come at such a fast pace that you have very little time to be bored and when a wave ends the next one starts immediately. For a while at least. The problem however, is that by the very nature of it this game becomes repetitive fast. Its one saving grace is the fact that when you die you start back at the wave that you died on. This means that there is incentive to have just one more turn.

At first, the waves seem incredibly easy but soon the pace picks up and you start to get overrun on a regular basis. One of the reasons for this is that your gun doesn’t aim up very high on the ceiling close to you so when the aliens get past a certain point you are pretty much doomed to failure until you unlock a melee weapon. Even then however we found that this was of little use in most instances. Another issue that we found was that the levels all seem quite dark meaning that it can sometimes be difficult to see the smaller, faster enemies.

As you kill you gain points. These points can be used to buy upgrades for your weapons and new weapons altogether. These new weapons include grenades and melee weapons such as knives and chainsaws but a lot of the time these melee weapons are next to useless as there are just too many aliens to kill. These upgrades mean that as the game ramps up in difficulty, and it certainly does, then you are more equipped to cope, but only barely. Make no mistake, this is a difficult game that will test your patience.

As well as these upgrades you also have a combo meter that builds up during combat. When this meter is full you get a bonus that can be anything from an extra barrel to your gun, to an increase in fire rate, to a rocket firing drone. These can certainly come in handy in your time of need.

Let Them Come consists of five stages, each with its own boss at the end. These bosses can be extremely grueling. Some require specific kinds of ammunition to kill them and if you haven’t got enough of that kind of ammo then you are going to be in for a rough ride until you save up enough points to buy more. These bosses are also bullet sponges which means that these fights are more of a war of attrition than a game of skill. That really sums up Let Them Come, this game is a grind that will see you keeping the trigger pressed down for the whole time with no letting up.

Visually this is not a stunning game. The graphics are almost pixalated and you can tell that more work went into the aliens than anything else. There is a nice array of different enemies to kill, all with there own strengths and weaknesses but as you keep firing these all tend to blur together to form one monstrous stream of death.

Let them come isn’t a bad game for the price but there are much better shooters out that. If you are looking for a throw away game to pass a few hours with then this could be for you but if you are looking for something a little more immersive then you would be better of looking elsewhere.

Let Them Come is available to download from the Xbox Store for £6.39.

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  • 5/10
    Overall - 5/10


Let Them Come is a basic 2D shooter that doesn’t see you move, only shoot. It is a good throw away game but there really is no depth here. The difficulty is its one true saving grace as this presents a real challenge to those who are up to it.

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