Are Loot Boxes Coming To Xbox Achievements?

By some, last year was called the year of the loot boxes. As 2017 progressed the controversy surrounding the inclusion of loot boxes in video games gained momentum and some went as far as to call it gambling and to say that the inclusion of these loot boxes in major video games could promote gambling to children.

A report has come out that seems to suggest that Microsoft is looking into overhauling the achievement system on the Xbox One. The report says that Microsoft are testing a system that they are calling “careers”. This system will allow players to level up and earn prestige ranks as they play. Apparently this will lead to the unlocking of loot boxes. These boxes will contain cosmetic items that can be used in conjunction with the new avatar system that Microsoft are preparing to roll out.

There may also be quests for the player to undergo to earn more loot boxes. These quests may include playing certain games, conveniently selected by Microsoft.

As of yet the report makes no mention of whether these loot boxes will be available to buy with real world money but then the system is in the very earliest stages of development so we will have to wait and see. This could turn out to be a risky move for Microsoft and they will have to tread very carefully to make sure that they don’t get caught up in the current loot box controversy.

What do you think? Does the achievement system need an overhaul? Are loot boxes really the way to go? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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