Call Of Duty WW2 Patch 1:08 Details

Yesterday the latest patch for COD: WW2 launched. Patch 1.08 has been presented slightly differently to most of the patches we get these days for one very specific reason. No patch notes have been released. Maybe this is because the changes made are so slight that the developer didn’t think any were needed.

Patch 1.08 mainly just removes the Winter Siege event. It also adds Kill Confirmed to the Hardcore playlist, this been the result of fans requesting this so much. The developer announced these changes in a tweet yesterday.

The developer also had this to say, “We’ve rolled out an update to end Winter Siege, and Captain Butcher is packing up and heading out. You can still complete Orders in progress and open unopened supply drops, and the Winter Collection will still be available. However, Winter Collection Rewards will not.” So that’s good to know.

Players have also been saying that the headquarters have been changed back to how it was before the start of the Winter Siege event which is only to be expected. There is however no word as of yet into any fix coming to the problems that people are having spectating games.

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