Are Dragons Coming To The Elder Scrolls Online?

For some out there The Elder Scrolls Online has become something of a second life where events and relationships really matter. For others the MMORPG has become a nice place to visit and quest with friends from the comfort of your living room. For both groups however there has felt like there is something missing, something absent from this world. For some this thing has always been dragons.

Well the wait may well be over. Very soon Update 17 will be landing in the game as well as the Dragon Bones DLC pack. In a tweet the developer gave us one more hint that dragons may be coming. Featured is a large image of a dragon like creature and also a dragon emoji. Do we need any more hints?

As of yet we have no more real details regarding the Dragon Bones DLC but Bethesda are holding a live stream tomorrow at 11pm (BST) on Twitch. On this live stream the developer has promised to show us some of what’s in store with Update 17 and the Dragon Bones DLC game pack.

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