Overwatch Season 8 Has Begun

The new year is upon us and so is the new season of competitive play in Overwatch. This time around the developer has made a few changes to the ranking system and who you are matched with meaning that games should be a little more balanced.

This time around the difference between the highest and lowest ranked players in a match will be much smaller. This means that you will be playing against people of a much similar skill level to yours than you have been in previous seasons. The difference in ranking will now fall to between these ranges: 1000 SR (Bronze-Diamond), 500 SR (Master), and 250 SR (Grandmaster). The developer believes that “In turn [this] should lead to more satisfying games overall,”

If this is your first season playing Overwatch’s competitive mode there are a few things that you should know. Firstly you will need to be level 25 to qualify to play. Next you will have to play ten “placement matches” to find out where your initial ranking will stand. Once you have your ranking this will either go up or down depending on your performances in the matches.

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Source: gamespot.com

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