Xbox Media Centre Reborn As Kodi On Xbox One

Kodi, the free and open source media platform has announced that following high demand their platform will be available on Xbox One through Windows and Xbox Store.

Those of you who had the original Xbox may well remember the Xbox Media Centre, (a third party, non-Microsoft product built for the console). Well, Xbox Media Centre was renamed Kodi in 2014 and became available to a wide range of non-console platforms including Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Kodi Devices

The platform has been surrounded by controversy since it’s launch due to the fact that while the app contains no content, it does offer the ability to run third-party plugins that allow access to illegally streamed content. It’s worth mentioning that Kodi does not condone the use of it’s product for that purpose.

Kodi does mention in this blog post that the software is still a little, “rough around the edges” and features such as access to the Blue Ray drive are still unavailable. It’s clear however that Kodi is committed to delivering a polished product in the near future so expect to see ongoing development.

Do you remember Xbox Media Centre? Will you be downloading Kodi? Comment below.

Source: Kodi

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