Destiny 2 DLC Possible Leak Reveals Heralds Of Nezarec

Let’s be honest, Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2 wasn’t that great.  Mercury was beautiful and the raid lair was amazing but both of the new strikes are just repeats of the story missions and the story did nothing to really develop characters or really make you feel an real emotion on the security of Earth.

With that though The Dawning is live and data miners have had a look through the update and we may have some good info on what the next expansion may bring us.  Let’s also remember that these leaks are just speculation without any confirmation from Bungie, who is on holiday until after the new year.

According to the data mine, the next Destiny 2 DLC expansion will be called Heralds of Nezarec and will introduce a new destination on Enceladus, the sixth moon of Saturn. Specifically, players will be exploring the Frigid Wastes of Enceladus throughout the DLC’s ten story missions and three new strikes.

The expansion looks the offer 2 new races known as the Frames and the Heralds.  We have no idea yet who they are and haven’t seen anything in the lore, but in now way do I claim to be an expert, just someone very knowledgeable about Destiny lore.  These races seem to follow someone, or something, known as Nezarec.

Another big part to this is the leak mentions meeting up with Ana Bray, who is part of the famous Bray family that worked with SIVA and is a Gunslinger Hunter herself.

Now, one thing that makes me doubt all this is Bungie giving us 2 new races.  We have always had new enemies, re-skins or not, 1 at a time.  SIVA enhanced Fallen or the Taken are proof of this.  Also, if Bungie is following their normal DLC schedule, this seems like the type of thing we would get at the 1 year mark in September 2018.

On the likely side of the argument, we did get the below image from Bungie on the expansion pass which shows an icy environment and a female figure which would support the explanation of Enceladus as well as Ana Bray.

Destiny 2 Expansion Pass

We will just have to wait and see what comes of all of this.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameRant

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