Crossout Dawn’s Children DLC – Xbox One Review

Earlier this year, Crossout was released as a free to play game; a unique car combat title, where building your perfect ride is an art form and sending it out into battle can be brutal. Continuing thier support for the game, developer Targem Games have released the next big update for the game, a free update at that, but what’s included and what’s it like?

The new Dawn’s Children update is introduced as a new faction along with a new mode for you to battle it out on, some new vehicles and parts and a couple of new maps – Cursed Mines and Broken Arrow. But the biggest addition to the update seems to be the ability to include a hover part for your vehicles, essentially allowing your car to levitate above any terrain, which is a pretty nifty feature. The issue here though if you want to take advantage of it is that you’re going to have to grind for it, or alternatively you can purchase The Inventor Bundle from the Xbox Store which includes a hover vehicle from the go, a couple of new weapons and paint cans, hover parts and a bunch of in-game coins. Although it must be noted that in order to use some of these items, you must meet certain criteria within the game. So if you’re new to the game and purchase the pack expecting to use the hovers straight away, you’re still going to be in for a long wait.

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The new mode from the update is a PvE raid called Chase, which sees you and your team trying to stop a cargo load before it reaches the end however, there are multiple ways to approach the situation, so picking the right blueprint for your playstyle is key in order to successfully take it down, but it won’t be as simple as just ‘running and gunning’ straight for it as you’ll just be destroyed quicker than The Flash.

Whilst the new update is an excellent addition featuring new features and maps, it still doesn’t deter from the fact that you’ll be endlessly grinding unless you’re willing to fork out real money. With that being said, it’s not like the grinding isn’t fun, as it is. Building new vehicles and sending them in raids is still fun no matter how many times you do it, but if you want that shortcut, it’s worth investing in the Inventor Bundle.

Crossout: Dawn’s Children is out now and is a free update for the base game, whereas The Inventor bundle can be purchased from the Xbox Store, priced at £49.99.

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