Splasher – Xbox One Review

Developer Splashteam released Splasher on Xbox One back in September; a fast paced 2D platformer with unique mechanics, which gives off a little bit of Super Meat Boy vibes, only not as mental.

A purple-haired dude sets off to save the workers of InkCorp from their evil boss Le Docteur. Armed with his splat gun, he traverses the factory through a hub world where progression through the levels depends on the amount of workers you save throughout the levels.

splasher 4

There are several workers to be saved throughout, some obvious and in plain sight, where others require various challenges to be completed after finding portals. These challenge rooms tend to be hordes of enemies that you must either shoot or outwit, with each enemy defeated in various different ways. Not all enemies can simply by shot at. At the end of each level, you can rescue the final worker but only if you have accrued enough gold to fill the pot and release the worker.

The mechanics are quite something in Splasher as the levels are filled with numerous contraptions that splurt out different coloured paint amongst platforms, walls and ceilings. Red splat is sticky allowing you to walk up walls or across ceilings, yellow splats will bounce you around and blue splats will remove the other coloured splats, allowing for timing and precision across tricky sections of levels. Levels can be completed quickly or you can take your time, although there is a separate time attack mode you can freely switch to and from giving you incentive to replay the levels and rescue those workers you failed to save previously.

As you progress, the levels become more demanding and more difficult with new contraptions being introduced along the way, whilst not making it as frustrating as something like Super Meat Boy but still enjoyable by all ages, with some levels being able to be completed in a few minutes, makes this game an excellent title to just jump in and play.

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The art style is vibrant and reminiscent of games like Rayman, but not quite so pretty. In fact, Splasher is developed by Romain Claude who worked on some of the later Rayman titles – just in case the idea of going through a hub world and jumping in levels to rescue Teensies workers and having your score totalled at the end didn’t ring any bells. It’s nice that developers can use their ‘traits’ as such and bring those talents and mechanics forth into other projects.

Overall, Splasher has the charm of a great platformer incorporating some interesting mechanics along the way, followed by a vibrant art style despite the factory setting for the majority of the time. Splasher can become difficult in the later stages but what decent game doesn’t act this way through excellent level design, considering a Rayman level designer is at the helm of this title, it’s no surprise that this is a fun game, and for an indie title, it’s definitely up there with the likes of said Rayman titles.

Splasher is available to download from the Xbox Store, spashing in at £11.99.

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