More Details About Destiny 2’s Curse Of Osiris DLC

With players getting even more eager for new experiences in Destiny 2, Bungie is definitely driving the hype train with their weekly streams showing more and more of what players can expect in the first expansion called Curse of Osiris. This most recent livestream showed off Mercury and what players can expect out of end game content. We have already heard of the raid lairs and seen the Lighthouse but here is even more that guardians will be up against on 5 December 2017.

First off Mercury is like all the other planets in that it is grand in scope with Lost Sectors, Adventures, and most importantly Public Events. Speaking of Public Events, Mercury will have its own special type of Public Event that is what Bungie has said is the largest Public Event in size they have ever made. We don’t want to give away spoilers here but if you want to see more details on that, you can watch the previous stream on Bungie’s Twitch page.

For the first time guardians will be able to forge your own weapons. Now we aren’t talking high level RPG weapon forging like we all want but we are talking about customizing weapons with VEX enhancements which sounds great to us. What if crafting these weapons gives you bonuses towards Vex? This will open the door to perks that we can put on weapons and armor that will help against certain factions down the line. This is a feature that was specific to raid armor and weapon in Destiny 1 and is something a lot of community members miss having.

Lastly the biggest thing that Bungie is selling is the Infinite Forest. This will allow players to see Mercury through different periods of how the Vex have simulated outcomes for their own future. See the dark horrifying future of a Vex only universe or the lush green forests of Mercury before the Vex turned it into a machine planet. Each time through the Infinite Forest is supposed to feel different than your last.

Bungie will have another stream to show off some more weapons and armor on their next stream on 28 November 2017.

What do you think of how Curse of Osiris? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Bungie

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