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This generation of console gaming has sparked many free to play titles, specifically many MMO titles such as DC Universe, Warframe and Neverwinter. Recently, Marvel Heroes has closed its servers of its free to play Diablo-like MMO, despite the common formula of paying for extra content should you wish to purchase them. Now comes an epic MMO called Skyforge, where you take on the role of an immortal on your journey to becoming a God, but how does it fair?

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Now before we get started, the problem with Skyforge is that it gradually introduces the mechanics throughout the first few hours of playing the game, so as with any MMO this requires plenty of your time and most importantly patience, before you get to the really good stuff. You can’t even join up with your buddies and tackle missions until you complete the tutorial – which is a long one.

There is a lot to learn with Skyforge, but once you do it is a tonne of fun to play, with plenty of opportunities to beef up your character, but as previously mentioned, this does require a hell of a lot of patience. If you give Skyforge the time of day, you will be greatly rewarded with its fun gameplay and plenty of loot. Granted, this carries on that formula of free to play with opportunity to pay real money to expand your experience, but Skyforge seems to do things a little differently compared to other MMO’s.

There is no subscription to be bought outside of the game however, you can purchase this games currency called Argents. These pieces of currency allow you to purchase a subscription within the game itself, whether it be thirty days, sixty days or even six months, thus making it an expensive venture in the long run, but if you compare it to the price of DC Universe for example, where a year-long subscription can cost you almost £80, it’s not that bad, considering DC Universe locks you out of certain elements of the game if you are not paying a subscription. In Skyforge, a subscription grants you additional bonuses such as extra credits and XP amongst others to name a couple – so you’re basically paying extra to progress faster. Everything within Skyforge can be obtained completely free, it’s just that players who pay for argents and a subscription (which can also be used to purchase various vanity items) will have an easier time through the campaign than those that don’t.

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As mentioned before, progression through the earlier stages of the campaign is based on easing you on with all there is to know and learn about Skyforge. You’ll begin by creating your character and customising it with the limited options available at the start, then you’ll start your introductory quest, getting you used to the combat mechanics. A is to jump whilst the other face buttons are for attacking. Holding down LT will allow more attacking or defensive options once you’ve unlocked more abilities. Then you’ll be ready to pick a class. What’s unique about Skyforge is that you have the ability to switch class whenever you like. Getting bored of being a mage? No problem! Switch straight to a gunner and whack out your artillery. Each class has its own quest line for you to develop more abilities and become stronger with. Obviously, if you keep switching between classes throughout your progress, you’re not going to be as strong as if you were to stick to one specific class throughout.

You’ll then be introduced to the tower, which is your main hub of the game. From here, you can gain access to PvP modes (once you’re ready) and will be able to access the quest line and map from here. Again, the more you progress, the more options that will be available to you. Skyforge does an excellent job at easing you in, giving you enough time to learn the mechanics and the wealth of options at your disposal.

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There are a few dips in framerate, especially when you’re connected to the hub, which is understandable considering there are so many other players connected to the hub at the same time, but thankfully it’s not as bad as Neverwinter’s dip in frame rate.

Overall, Skyforge is a stand out MMO that offers you plenty to do with a lot of options to progress. Just looking at the campaign map and viewing all the districts can be overwhelming to begin with, but each location’s mission isn’t relatively long. However, each mission can be repeated several times giving you greater rewards and offering you greater difficulty each time. All these rewards are doubled if you have a current premium membership, which just highlights just how much faster you can progress with a paid subscription, but it’s definitely not needed. It’s an excellent MMO with a unique class-switching system, with missions not too mundane and locations offering variety. It’s definitely one of the better free to play MMO’s on Xbox One.

Skyforge is available on the Xbox Store, free to play from 29th November. You can purchase one of the founder’s pack now ranging from £11.99£54.99 and you’ll be able to play right away.

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