Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Unleashing “Eater Of Worlds” Raid Lair

Having been out since September, it’s taken fans by storm.. However, there’s something fans feel missing… And eventually – it’s here. Buck up guardians, and get ready for the new Destiny 2 expansion pack.

As well has the new expansion pack, the weekly reset time will also be changing. Bungie has released in depth information about what is t0 be included within the add on, including a Raid Lair

Where the game is not bringing a new raid out, a Raid Lair called “Eater Of Worlds” will be introduced. It will be added to the Leviathan Raid, but will be a separate component. The Lair will feature new enemies, bosses, and conundrums.

Curse Of Osiris will also feature a prestige mode, and for players with a Power Level of 300, will drop higher loot, so while there is not a new raid, it’ll be worth the time playing.

For this coming weekend, on 17th November, Bungie confirmed that there will be a Double Clan XP Weekend, Clarion Call. This will be beneficial for players of a low level, and need to level up in order to part-take in the end-game chaos.

On 5th December, Destiny 2 enhancement patches will be released for the Xbox One X also, allowing the game to support HDR and 4k.

What are your thoughts on this new Raid Lair? Let us know in the comments below.

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