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Although Microsoft has never had a lot of success with its Kinect peripheral, Ubisoft has been taking great advantage of the device over the last few years for people to enjoy with friends dancing away to popular tunes from current top charts all the way from classic hits.  Just Dance 2018 continues that fun but still suffers from the same issues that caused the Kinect itself to be a noticeably unsuccessful accessory for the Xbox One.  For those familiar with the series already or know that they have what it takes to make it all work, the friends that want to join in, as well as the courage to dance in front of a camera, Just Dance 2018 is going to be a perfect hit for you.

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There is no rocket science or amazing thumb skill needed for Just Dance 2018. It follow suits with the previous titles where you watch a character on the screen and try to imitate the dance moves that are choreographed for the song that you are playing. The game itself creates a perfect party environment as you’ll be dancing along too many different characters ranging anywhere from seahorses to pandas and trippy multicolor backgrounds. The lyrics are also on screen which assumably so is for others to sing along as you’ll be way too focused on watching the dancers then trying to play karaoke as well if you are not familiar with the dance moves themselves. To assist with dancing there is a character image that hints to what is coming next however it seems to always be easiest to just wash the person dancing. Players are scored up to 5 stars at max and are awarded Mojo’s and ways to unlock new vanity items for the game.

The game is all very focused on being light-hearted and fun but kind of loses its flare when it is continuously ramming Just Dance Unlimited down your throat. Just Dance Unlimited is a subscription-based service which unlocks hundreds more songs that are available for unlimited play. Although this comes with over 40 songs, the available library and the features that appear are locked behind this paywall and almost feel forced. It is relatively low priced to subscribe but really loses the fun aspect due to the feeling of force, as previously mentioned.

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The soundtrack is very much still on point. New hits as well as classics come on the disc and even introduces K-pop into the genre mix. Stars such as Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Ed Sheeran are key artists from the playlist with hints of odd tunes as well as a few Disney hits.  The list is all too familiar and feels more like a sports game roster update but still is keen on the focus of overall fun.

A new feature knew to the series is Dance Labs. Dance Labs is a fun new creative way in which you perform different styles of “dance moves.”  Act out is if you are playing a tennis match or performing expert ninja moves which provides a fun way of interpretive dance. Something else for the little ones is the kids mode feature.  This is a playlist of fun child songs with childish cartoon animation and simple dance moves to help get the little ones more involved as well.

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Although like any Just Dance title,  you are victim to the space you have available as well as if you want to use your phone through the Just Dance app or the Kinect. Space can be very limited especially if you are hosting with other people. This game is meant to play much better with friends but is still enjoyable solo for those who just want to get some good exercise or are too concerned with the opinions of others watching. Due to the lack of the success of the Kinect too, there is that apparent ceiling that stops this from being a huge hit.

In no way shape or form is Just Dance 2018 a reinvention of the wheel. Ubisoft has done a great job at sticking with what works just like many games with yearly entries do. If you have what it takes in the space provided and don’t mind paying for a subscription-based feed to get the most out of Just Dance 2018, this is definitely for you. With Microsoft no longer supporting the Kinect though, you have to wonder how much longer this series will still have legs.

Just Dance 2018 is available to purchase from retailers or can be downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £49.99.

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