For Honor Is Free To Play This Weekend

Ubisoft is offering players the opportunity to try out their Hack n’ Slash ’em up For Honor this weekend.

From 7am GMT 09/11 to 7am 13/11 GMT. You will be able to find For Honor in the Games with Gold section, (you’ll need Xbox Live Gold).

You’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be able to play everything that you would get if you bought the full game; Story Mode and PvP/PvAI Game Modes with all 16 Heroes across 16 Maps!

Ubisoft will also be introducing a new “Warrior Training Mode” system that will allow users to be able to share techniques. As a seasoned warrior, complete 5 matches while grouped with Free Weekend players (who does not own the game) within the aforementioned event timeframe to earn 5000 Steel!

  • Free weekend players who do not own the game can also group up to be eligible for the reward. You are eligible if you already own the game or not!
  • As grouping is the key to this program, only 2v2 and 4v4 game modes are applicable in PvP   PvAI.
  • Reward is eligible in all the game regions where the game is available.

An in-game popup will confirm your 5000 Steel reward on November 15th. Free Weekend players will also have the reward granted to their account and made available the next time they connect to the game (through purchase or through any possible future free play initiatives).

Source: Ubisoft

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