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British developer RadiationBurn have brought something new to the table with their title Dead Exit; a turn based table top survival card game where the aim of the game is to protect your base and try to escape the city, amongst the horde of zombies.

It’s hard to believe that Dead Exit isn’t a real table top board game, as this could easily be mistaken for one that’s been adapted into video game form, with it’s complex rules and various different cards to pick up and all the resources you’ll need, not to mention the different ways you can play. Do you work together to escape the zombies, or will you betray your opponent at the last moment and escape alone? It’s these kind of games that can ruin friendships. But I digress, so let’s get back to the game itself.

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There are multiple game modes for you to choose from: City Escape, Survival or War, each offering a variation on how the game is played and won. In City Escape, the aim of the game is to control as many bases as you want, working together with other players to make it out of the city as fast as you can. Survival mode is a horde mode type game where you must protect a single base from waves of raiders coming to take your resources. War is similar to City Escape, except the aim of the game is to control as many bases as you can whilst having more sets of cards than your opponent.

There are several different types of cards you can have in your deck. There’s vehicle which you will need in order to escape the city, there are also food, fuel and survivor cards, although not a necessity to win the game, but helps in determining a winner at the end of the game. Each player controls one base to begin with and has five sections that involve cards. You get three slots each for both inside and outside of your base. There is a trade pile, stockpile and a sacrifice pile. At the beginning of your turn you can perform three action whether it’s playing one of your cards from your deck, sacrificing cards or taking cards from the ‘city deck’, which can be dangerous and change the game up completely. Picking a city card could reap you with great benefits, however zombies (or Dead, as they’re called in this game) could ‘follow’ you back to your base, in which you need to take appropriate action to get rid. Dead cards can be played either in your base or another players base, but there are also ‘event cards’ that can change up the game too, and are activated as soon as one is picked up – you will not know which card you get until it is flipped over, as these cards are double sided. The dead can kill your survivors and if three of those dead get inside your base, it will be taken over and you must find another base or leave the city.

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Whilst this title can be overwhelming to begin with, once you learn the basic rules of the game, then there’s no putting down the controller. Many different cards change the way you need to think in order to meet your requirements, but reward comes to those who take great risks in picking up those city cards and having to fend off the dead. It’s a fun game and something completely different to Xbox One. I would totally purchase this if it was an actual table top board game. RadiationBurn, make it happen!

Dead Exit is available to download from the Xbox Store, priced at £7.99.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Dead Exit is a brilliant entry into the tabletop game genre, with double-sided cards that change the way it’s played depending on where it’s placed. A unique and original new title to arrive on Xbox One.

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